Give a boost to your Eczema healing process, a permanent one

The conventional solution for eczema has always been antibiotics, immune suppressants, creams, aspirins, etc. However, how are these as a long term solution? In fact, it is proven that they are other culprits for future eczema as the skin becomes more sensitive. What previously topical substances such as lotions, creams and detergent that does not

Eczema in children: Look at the ingredient list

The personal care industry is effectively unregulated — do you know that the last piece of regulation in relation to the personal care industry was passed in 1938 — which allows companies are essentially free to do whatever they want, with no government intervention or checking, packing products that we use every day (including babies

Eczema in Children: Eczema 101

Admin: Hello! We are proud to collaborate with Bare Nuhcessities’s – Ask the Experts in Beinformed Space. The following weeks on Friday, we will issue articles related to Eczema in Children authored by Bare Nuhcessities’s – Ask the Experts. What does the word ‘eczema’ means? Eczema is a group of diseases that result in inflammation

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