10 Kid-Friendly Easter Egg Crafts

Easter Day falls on this Sunday, 1 April 2018. For some of us, making Easter egg crafts is a must-do project over the weekend.

Things can get a little tricky when little kids under seven years old are involved. So I have hand-picked 10 kid-friendly Easter Egg crafts using techniques that kids can do by themselves (perhaps with some supervision by the adults) without getting overly frustrated (hopefully so!).

1. Sticker Easter Eggs

Image by De von Jar vi s via marthastewart.com

You will need plenty of stickers and eggs. You can use plastic eggs if you’re preparing this activity for toddlers under 3 years old. (Well, that’s because they might want to smash hard-boiled eggs and eat them rather than sticking stickers on them, I think.)

For toddlers 3-5 years old, you can give them hard-boiled eggs (with the shells intact of course). Make sure the eggs are cooled to room temperature. For preschoolers 5-7 years old, if they are adept in handling craft scissors and craft punch, they can make stickers of their own design and use craft glue to stick them to the eggs.

Try hunt for budget-priced stickers, plastic eggs, craft scissors, craft punch and craft glue at MrDIY and Daiso.

2. Washi Tape Easter Eggs

Image by Jean Van’t Hul via The Artful Parent

You will need washi tapes with different patterns and eggs. You can use plastic eggs if you’re preparing this activity for toddlers under three years old or hard-boiled eggs for toddlers 3-5 years old. Tear the washi tape into strips of different lengths and wrap them around the eggs. Easy peasy!

Try hunt for budget-priced washi tape rolls at MrDIY and Daiso.

3. Glitter Easter Eggs

Image by Katie via A Little Pinch of Perfect

You will need glitter in a few colors, craft glue and eggs. I’d suggest using plastic eggs because you won’t want to waste putting glitter on hard-boiled eggs which can’t be eaten after the activity is over but it’s up to you. Things can get messy with glitter and glue, so I’d say this activity is more suitable for toddlers over 4 years old.

Roll the eggs in glue, drop them into the glitter container, roll them around, done.

Try hunt for budget-priced glitter at MrDIY and Daiso.

4. Rice Shake Easter Eggs

Image by Michelle via Crafty Morning

You will need uncooked rice, food coloring of a few colors and hard-boiled eggs. Mix the rice grains with food coloring in a container. Put in egg and let the kids shake the container (not too hard though) until the colors stick on the shell.

Food coloring can be easily found at the baking section in grocers, marts and hypermarkets.

5. Watercolor Easter Eggs

Image by Alisa Burke via alisaburke

You will need watercolors, watercolor pencils and hard-boiled eggs. This activity is more suitable for toddlers over 4 years old or who have shown interest in coloring and drawing. Let their creativity runs wild as they paint the eggs. This should occupy them for quite a while.

Watercolors and watercolor pencils can be easily found at bookstores such as Popular.

6. Dinosaur Easter Eggs

Image by Kara via The Joys of Boys

You will need food coloring of a few colors and hard-boiled eggs. Squish the hard-boiled eggs to create cracks all over the shell. Get ready containers with food coloring mixed with water. Dunk an egg into each container and let them set overnight in the fridge. Get the kids to peel off the shell the next day. They will be thrilled to see colored veins all over the egg white resembling dinosaur eggs!

Food coloring can be easily found at the baking section in grocers, marts and hypermarkets.

7. Rubber Band-dyed Easter Eggs

Image by Julie Van Rosendaal via CBC Kids

You will need rubber bands, food coloring and hard-boiled eggs. Twirl rubber bands around the eggs (not too tightly or the shell might crack). Dunk the eggs in food coloring mixed with water. Let them dry and repeat the dunking. After letting dry completely, get the kids to undo the rubber bands to reveal the stripey patterns underneath!

Try hunt for rubber bands at MrDIY and Daiso.

8. Mosaic Easter Eggs

Image by Beth Gorden via 123homeschool4me.com

You will need hard-boiled eggs and leftover shells from peeled, dyed hard-boiled eggs (hint: use shells from dinosaur Easter eggs in point 6 above). The kids can stick the pieces of shells onto the eggs with glue. Great for fine motor skills!

9. Marbled Easter Eggs

Image by Stephanie Shore Fisher via Good Housekeeping

You will need quite a number of things: hard-boiled eggs, shaving cream or whipped cream, food coloring, baking tray, rubber spatula, toothpicks and rubber gloves. Follow the instructions in the Good Housekeeping link above. They are pretty simple and engaging for the kids.

10. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

Image by Tammy via Housing A Forest

You will need crayons of different colors (perhaps can use crayon bits from used crayons) and hard-boiled eggs. Cover your activity area with sheets before starting this activity. Sprinkle crayon shavings onto hot eggs (be careful!). The heat from the egg will melt the crayons into colorful patterns.


Hope you have a great Easter weekend with your family!


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