12-Week Fit Mommies Challenge Finale (Part 3)

For our Finale series, we’ve gotten all 12 participating mommies to share about their journey based on these three questions:

  • What’s your conclusion?
  • What did you learn?
  • Did you reach your target?

We have heard from Mommy Cindy, Mommy Sher and Mommy Rajie – you can read their story on this article.

We’ve also heard from Mommy Grace, Mommy Celaine, Mommy Emily and Mommy Caroline – you can read their story on this article.

Now, let’s hear from Mommy Jean, Mommy Michelle, Mommy Adrina and Mommy Joyce!


Mommy Jean did TR90 Weight Management program as she wanted to build lean muscles faster for a more toned body shape.

What’s your conclusion?

“I’m glad BeInformed came up with this challenge. It made me kick-start my plan to get fitter and healthier for my family.”

What did you learn?

“It solidified my understanding and appreciation of “weight is just a number”. My weight reduced by 1.5kg and my visceral fat dropped from 3.5 to 3. Despite the small change in weight, I toned up and looked much slimmer than before. I dropped 3 belt holes on my belt and dropped from L/XL to M size. Even my shorts which I bought only 2 weeks ago was loose when I wore them now.”

Did you reach your target?

“Yes I did! I wanted to reduce my visceral fat since knowing its health risk, and I also wanted to tone up my body post-pregnancy without having to dedicate much time to exercise.”

✍ Editor: Congratulations, Mommy Jean! You made keeping fit sounds so simple and hassle free!


Mommy Michelle focused on cutting down her sugar consumption throughout this challenge.

What’s your conclusion?

“I lost 2kgs, however I wasn’t sure if it’s because of this 12-week challenge or due to work stress.”

What did you learn?

“I learned that to stick to a new diet or to go through a fitness challenge, strong determination is necessary – both physically and mentally. As a full-time working mom, it’s easier to give in to excuses and temptations as comfort food gives me instant energy and mood boost.”

Did you reach your target?

“I didn’t reach my target. I know I can do better than this as I’ve done it successfully so many times previously during the days when I wasn’t a mom yet.”

✍ Editor: Thanks Mommy Michelle for your honest sharing. You can always reach out to us whenever you need us!


Mommy Adrina practiced counting calories plus light exercises and Cryo Lipolysis (fat freezing) by Pure Touch Clinic Bangsar South.

✍ More about Pure Touch Clinic Bangsar South on our article about the sponsors.

What’s your conclusion?

“It takes effort to look good and feel good. But all it takes is that one step of committing to it and actually start. Doing this together with a strong group of like-minded women made it much easier than going at it alone, and I’m glad I found this group. It’s not so easy to fall off track and give up because I know that I’d be disappointing others, instead of only being answerable to myself. And I’m so happy as everyone have been commenting that I’ve lost weight and look good. That’s super motivating!”

What did you learn?

“I’ve learnt that nothing is impossible as long as we put our minds to it. I’ve also learnt that losing weight purely through dieting without exercise and some external help (Pure Touch Clinic’s fat freezing treatment) can work! This proves that abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym (not that I have abs, at least not yet).”

Did you reach your target?

“My target is to lose 15kgs, I’ve lost 9kgs so far. So I have not hit my goal yet, but I’ll be keeping this up. I think 9kgs within 3 months is a good number, as losing weight too fast isn’t good for the body. I hope to lose the remaining 6kgs in another 2 to 3 months.

✍ Editor: Congratulations, Mommy Adrina! We’ll continue to cheer you on!


Mommy Joyce did TR90 Weight Management program and wore Kodenshi pants during light exercises in this challenge.

What’s your conclusion?

“I wore the Kodenshi pants without TR90 during the first month and lost 2kgs. I suffered from pretty severe water retention before this and while I wore Kodenshi, I did sweat and also peed more often; my guess is that the 2kgs lost should have been from water loss because my muscle and fat percentage remained the same throughout. My size remained the same too.”

“Apart from reduced water retention, Kodenshi also helped to alleviate my knee pain, lower back pain and regulated my menses.”

“Being a mom of advanced age (I’m almost 40!) with two active boys under 6 years old, I definitely need more lean muscle mass so that I could be fit enough to keep up with them! After learning about TR90 being able to help build lean muscle faster with some light exercise, I added TR90 to my second month of this challenge.”

What did you learn?

“A woman – after becoming a mom and over 35 – our metabolism rate plummets. It’s very hard to reduce fat and put on muscle unless I do extreme exercise at the gym, of which I don’t have the time and energy to do so! So I definitely had to find the best way to become fitter and healthier!”

Did you reach your target?

“So far, I have lost 3kgs of pure fat and 10cm off my waist and abdomen! My size has gone down from L/XL to S/M. I can now wear jeans from before I was pregnant with my first boy almost 6 years ago! I have another month of TR90 to go and I want to lose another 2kgs of pure fat!”

✍ Editor: Congratulations, Mommy Joyce! We look forward to see your successful transformation!

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