5 Guilt-Free Shopping Tips at Ramadan Bazaars

It’s that time of the year again. The long-awaited Ramadan bazaars are back! The streets are lined with stalls after stalls of local scrumptious and mouth-watering delicacies and beverages for ‘iftar’ (break fast).

This annual gathering of food stalls is looked forward to by people of different faiths. And to many, the effort to resist the variety of affordable and delicious foods and drinks offered at Ramadan bazaars can be futile.

So, the question is: how can you shop without overspending and overeating – in other words, guilt-free shopping – while you’re strolling down aisle after aisle of food haven this Ramadan?

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Here are 5 guilt-free shopping tips for healthier food and drink at Ramadan bazaars.

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1. Make a shopping list

Yes, a shopping list – what food to buy, for who, for how many people. This is a great way to prevent impulsive buying and avoid food wastage from buying too much food.

So, you won’t feel guilty from wasting food!

2. Set a budget

This requires a definite amount of self control. Based on the shopping list you have made in point 1, give it a rough count to get an approximate amount. Then, instead of bringing your wallet out, you can just bring the estimated amount of money needed to buy food on that particular day.

So, you don’t blow your budget and won’t feel guilty from overspending!

3. Buy from one or two stalls

Heard of rambang mata? This will surely happen when you visit any Ramadan bazaar. You’ll be spoiled for choices. But remember, there are 30 days or so throughout the whole month of Ramadan. You have plenty of time to try all the food you want. What about buying from one or two stalls at a time, each day?

So, you don’t overbuy (guilty!) and end up with too much food (guilty)!

4. Buy healthy food

But healthy food tastes yucky! Not really. Yummy dishes prepared and cooked in healthier methods such as grilling, steaming, baking and boiling is in abundance. Experienced chefs know how to use herbs and seasonings to make these dishes delicious. In fact, baked or grilled fish as the main source of protein for buka puasa is highly recommended.

So, you don’t feel bloated and guilty from splurging on fried foods!

5. Buy food that makes up to a balanced meal

This needs some planning ahead so that you can continue eating healthily throughout the fasting month. You don’t want your waistline to expand, believe me!

Rule of thumb: A balanced meal should consist of good carbohydrates, lean protein and vegetables. Consider buying brown rice (if you can find), fish-based food and ulam-ulaman.

For dessert, consider fresh cut fruits. If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth with local kuehs, limit to two slices. See this yummy infographic about traditional kuehs.

So, you don’t feel guilty satisfying your cravings!

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Locations of Ramadan bazaars in KL and Selangor

In short, we hope that throughout the month of Ramadan, your wallet doesn’t shrink and your waistline doesn’t expand. Spend moderately while eating well, drink plenty of water and get some exercise as well!


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