ageLOC TR90 Weight Management System in 12-Week Fit Mommies Challenge

Mommy Jean and Mommy Joyce took on ageLOC TR90 Weight Management System during the 12-Week Fit Mommies Challenge.

Let’s find out why they chose TR90 and how do they look now!

Why TR90?

Mommy Jean

I had Diastasis Recti (split abs) after giving birth to my twins. I did some physio exercises for 1.5 years but nothing really happened. When my twins were turning two, my gynae advised me to strengthen my core and back muscles so that if I ever conceive again, I won’t have so much back pain.

So, I decided to take up TR90 as it could help me build lean muscles faster compared to just doing exercises. Surprisingly, within 5 weeks, my Diastasis Recti gap was no longer there!

For this 12-Week Fit Mommies Challenge, I did TR90 to tone up, get fitter and to have better stamina to keep up with my three children; and of course to be healthier, look better and boost my self confidence!

Mommy Joyce

I started off this challenge with Aulora Kodenshi Pants. Then, starting mid-July, I added on TR90.

Being a 39-year old mom with two active boys under 6 years old, I need more lean muscle mass so that I could be fit enough to keep up with them. I also want to solve my problem of high visceral fat (fat surrounding internal organs).

At the end of the day, my goal is to regain a healthier body and positive body image. I believe TR90 can help me achieve my goal because it’s a breakthrough weight management system based on gene expression science that unifies the mind and body for a leaner, younger looking me in 90 days!

How was TR90 being done?

In a nutshell, the ageLOC science has identified, targeted and promoted weight related gene expression responsible for lean muscle, appetite control and healthy metabolism in order to build a healthier, leaner person.

During the 90 days, the program revolves around us doing the following three key areas:

Simple Eating Plan (The Right Diet)

  • focuses on improving metabolism and maintaining lean muscle mass
  • we don’t and shouldn’t skip meals – we don’t starve
  • we follow a simple hand size guide to determine daily portions
  • we make healthy food choices

Innovative Products (The Right Supplements)

  • we take the supplements that help to control appetite, reduce food craving, support positive mood and mindset, reduce body fat accumulation, increase fat metabolism and increase lean muscle mass
  • there are NO slimming pills!
  • guaranteed no side effects, healthier after weight loss, no rebound

Active Lifestyle (The Right Exercise)

  • simple home exercises are good enough
  • no need to do vigorous exercise as long as consistent
  • use the body trimmer to do resistance training exercise


Mommy Jean

Going on this TR90 programa has solidified my understanding and appreciation of “weight is just a number”. My weight reduced by 1.5kg and my visceral fat dropped from 3.5 to 3. Despite the small change in weight, I toned up and looked much slimmer than before. I dropped 3 belt holes on my belt and dropped from L/XL to M size.

Please drop Mommy Jean an email at if you’d like to ask her more about TR90.

Mommy Joyce

My size has gone down from L/XL to S/M. I lost 10cm off my waist and another 10cm off my abdomen! I have a better body shape and I fit better in more pretty clothes. I don’t have to wear baggy tops to cover my body any more! My visceral fat dropped from 8 to 6. I feel much more energetic and I haven’t had mood swings for the past three months! I have a more positive outlook at life nowadays compared to three months ago. TR90 works well on me!

If you’d like to know more about TR90 from Mommy Joyce, feel free to drop her an email at yeah.

Check out the video below:

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