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Day 16 – Time flies

I was browsing through my phone gallery and found this photo. It was taken in May 2016. My older boy was about three years old and I was about one month pregnant at that time. Time really flies. My first boy is turning five next month and my second boy is turning two end of

How does my 6yo organize his sister’s birthday party? (Part 5)

FOUR more weekends to the party! Woohoo! If you haven’t yet, you can follow the story here: Let’s see what we have achieved so far! Theme ✅ checked! Find out what’s the theme. Activities ✅ checked! Can you guess what we have done? About activities, you won’t wanna miss my update next week because

Day 14 – How do you handle haters?

Kristina Kuzmic gave the best piece of advice to this burning question: How do you handle haters? She said, “I don’t.” As a parent, especially a mom, you’re bound to meet haters. These haters are usually fellow mothers who are random strangers you met from Facebook groups. If your parenting style and decisions are different

Day 11 – Third-hand smoke

Image credit: Yahoo! Style This video below has been shared multiple times by friends on my Facebook timeline. The brief description about the video’s message sends shiver down my spine. “Just because you’re in a non-smoking environment, it doesn’t mean you aren’t exposed to tobacco.” Third-hand smoke is as dangerous as second-hand smoke, scientists say.

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