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Day 41 – Help others

This quote solidifies my current experience. Help others change their lives and, as a result, change yours. I’m grateful to have met mentors who are here to help and inspire personal growth and make life-changing decisions. It makes me want to become such mentor too, one day, to help others change their lives. Let’s do

Day 40 – Uplift & support

When you admire something about another woman, tell her. Get into the habit of lifting each other up. This is a powerful statement. Put aside pride, envy, jealousy, strife, rivalry, competition, bitterness, judgement. Get into the habit of uplifting each other. Say NO to mom-shaming. We all have enough plates to balance, enough hats to

Day 36-37 – Tell your story

“Sharing your story has the ability to change the ending of someone else’s story.” 4 Benefits to Sharing Your Story based on Psychology Today. The importance of sharing your story isn’t just the telling or writing it down, but knowing that your story will be heard by others and the hope that by sharing in

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