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DIY Confinement 101: Confinement Meals

So….. What are confinement meals and how are they different from our daily meals? Aren’t our normal daily menu sufficient for moms during the confinement month? To answer this question, we need to identify certain conditions that usually arise during the month of confinement. If you do face physical postpartum conditions, you can include recommended

DIY Confinement 101: 10 essential things you NEED to buy for your confinement that no one tells you about

I thought I prepared really well for my first pregnancy. I went for HypnoBirthing classes for my birth; I read everything I could about breastfeeding; I prepared all baby’s essential needs – cot, clothes, milk bottles, mittens, etc. Everything for the baby was ready! Did you see the problem here? You see, I was saying,

Coding: What the hype is it all about?

Firstly, what is coding? In layman term, it is using a computer language to tell the computer to perform certain action. It is just like using foreign language to ask the husband to get milk or bread from the grocery store. At the core of these two scenarios, they have something in common – to