Celebrating Breastfeeding Journey with ibu Family Resource Group

The ibu Family Resource Group (“ibu”) organized their annual Breastfeeding Awareness Day on 12 August in conjunction with World Breastfeeding Week this year.

According to Namrita Deora, ibu’s Support Groups Coordinator, the acronym BAD is used for this Breastfeeding Awareness Day, since we want to celebrate how badass it is to breastfeed because even though it’s a natural and beautiful bonding experience, it takes guts and determination to breastfeed in this day and age.

Interactive Talks & Workshops by Specialists and Experts

Attendees – both expecting and new parents – benefited from talks by a dedicated panel of medical, developmental and childbirth experts providing practical advice and tips on how to avoid common mistakes to support parents in their nursing journey. Participants could ask their questions openly in the nurturing environment, and children were kept occupied at the adjacent fun play area.

Maíra D. B. Magalhães, Certified Birth Doula & Prenatal Yoga Instructor spoke about Getting Breasfeeding to a Good Start: The Emotional and Physical Benefits.

Breastfeeding is the greatest gift to humanity and what makes us mammals. Maíra spoke about the importance of protecting labor and birth physiology so that our breastfeeding journey could have a positive and reassuring start.

Dr Ainul Zahaniah Hj Abd Aziz, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynecologist with Sunway Medical Centre spoke about Boobytraps: Medical Advice for Potential Breastfeeding Problems.

“Too often we are told that breastfeeding is natural and therefore both mother and child are left to fumble at what could be new to them. Each baby is different, which is why being proactive and learning different approaches is important,” said Atiqah Taff, a first time mother of a 4 month old daughter, who attended with her husband. “I love that the speakers have all been on this breastfeeding journey themselves, and therefore can provided practical help and inspiration,” she added.

Melissa Ratkovich-Ong, Relationship Development & Intervention Consultant spoke about Tandem Tales: Reflections on Tandem Nursing in a Multi-generational Household.

She shared about her experience of tandem nursing her 6.5-year old and 4-year old children in
a multi-generational Asian household. Regarding how long should we breastfeed our children, the American Pediatric Association’s guideline is as follows.

“The AAP reaffirms its recommendation of exclusive breastfeeding for about 6 months, followed by continued breastfeeding as complementary foods are introduced, with continuation of breastfeeding for 1 year or longer as mutually desired by mother and infant.”

Namrita Deora, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator and Breastfeeding Counselor spoke about Gentle Toddler Weaning: 5 Gentle Ways to Get Your Toddler Off of Your Boob.

She shared about do’s and don’ts during the final step of the nursing journey – gentle weaning when both child and parent are ready. She also conducted a mini workshop on breastfeeding positions and correct latch, so mothers could have hands-on practice.

For Adriene Leong, mother to a 1.5 year old, this was the second annual ibu breastfeeding event she was attending. “It was enlightening and good fun. I loved picking up new nursing tips in such a welcoming environment,” she explained.

KL Sling Library

BAD participants also got to try out a range of baby carriers as ibu’s KL Sling Library had a pop-up booth and demonstration. Babywearing is popular with parents of newborns and infants since it builds an important tactile bond.

The ibu BAD 2018 event was made possible by the generous support of Kinderia. Happy parents received goodie bags with vouchers and gifts from The children’s house, Buds Baby, Mom More Milk Lactation Cookies Malaysia, B Studios -Bumps Bubs & Burpees, Woodie Pie, Happy Baby Moo, Gymboree Play & Music Malaysia, and Bare Nuhcessities. A lucky few won amazing lucky draw prizes by Before She Pops and Doudou Malaysia (DOUDOU ET COMPAGNIE).

First parenting support network in Malaysia

As a volunteer-run non-profit organization, ibu has been supporting parents since 1989. They are the first parenting support network in Malaysia, with the goal of supporting mothers with young children. ibu holds support groups for new parents, babywearing, breastfeeding, postpartum, those who are adopting and single parents. Their playgroups and social groups give parents a chance to have a break and make some new friends, while kids get a fun space to play. ibu’s workshops introduce topics of interest for parents, such as infant massage, first aid & CPR, baby sign language and potty training. Signature events include culture with arts & crafts, seasonal parties and markets and jumble sales, all family-friendly fun.

The group also supports the whole community by giving a significant portion of income to charitable organizations, and they work closely with our sponsors and local and international NGOs to aid disadvantaged families in Kuala Lumpur. All proceeds of ibu’s BAD 2018 went to support Rumah Kita – a local charity which provides for disadvantaged babies and single mothers. Donations of hats, mittens and socks were also collected for the newborns at Rumah Kita.

Thinking of becoming an ibu member?

Sign up and get unlimited access to everything ibu has to offer.

  • Get out of the house and make new connections and friends
  • Learn from other mothers
  • Join in with fun family-friendly activities
  • Get exclusive and discounted access to events and workshops
  • Take advantage of special offers and discounts for child-related products and services with our membership card
  • And know that being a ibu member means that a significant portion of your fees goes to helping disadvantaged parents and children in KL

Annual membership fees

  • 1 year – RM100
  • 2 years – RM180
  • 3 years 0 RM250

As an ibu member, you get FREE unlimited access to all support groups, selected playgroups and a discounted fee for events and activities. You also get special prices and discounts on enrichment classes, child-friendly venues, baby products and other services.

Contact info

About ibu
ibu Family Resource Group is a not for profit association based in Kuala Lumpur providing resources for young families, new parents and raising funds to support local charities working with disadvantaged parents and children​ in Malaysia​.​ It is managed by a team of volunteers who assist in offering early childhood information and services to both members and non-members. These services include playgroups 6 days per week, various support groups, which include well baby clinics, bumps and babes, breastfeeding, adoption, special needs and multiples, educational talks, first aid workshops, family jumble sales, fire station visits & fun activities for the children. The activities are held throughout the Klang Valley. ibu is a unique resource available to both Malaysians and other nationalities, which presently extends to members from over 40 countries who are currently living in Kuala Lumpur. Find out more about activities, joining, and volunteering at www.ibufamily.org.

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