DIY Reading Corner for Your Toddler

Want to cultivate your children’s love for reading? To encourage and bring out the bookworm in them, the first thing you can do is to bring them to a book store or book fair. You will realize soon enough that by introducing age-appropriate books, you will find their little noses in their favorite books in no time.

Now that they have lots of books, why not create a reading corner just for them? All you need is a little creativity and simple DIY know-how knowledge to create a fun and inviting space that is his/her own dedicated reading corner.

Choose a space with minimal distraction

The reading corner/space should be away from distractions, for example the television or other electronic gadgets. This will help reduce interruption to enable your child to be more engaged and focused on reading. The lesser the distraction, the better it is for your child.

If need be, you can place a baby/child monitor in the room so that you can keep an eye on him while you’re away from the reading corner.

Make the space comfy and inviting

To make the space inviting, try putting some comfy rugs, pillows, blankets, stuffed toys or bean bags depending on your child’s preference. The idea is to let them have a space where they can relax and read.

You can also discuss with your child about designing his reading corner around a particular theme, for example the ocean, forest, spaceship, circus, LEGO, Star Wars, etc. You can gain inspiration from places like IKEA, Spotlight and DAISO. This will be a great family project!

Keep the space bright and well-lit

To keep the space bright, use natural light from the windows (if any) or good indoor lighting system. A bright and well-lit environment will help your child to have a better view while reading. This is important for their eyesight too. On special occasions like their birthday, you can spruce up the space by adding fairy lights.

Provide an easily accessible book storage system

Make sure the storage system that you use to store the books is easily and readily accessible for your child. You want your child to be able to choose a book that interests him on his own. Sturdy forward-facing bookshelves are great or you could re-purpose an old shoe rack or cardboard boxes.

The selection of books should include his favorite books. Replenish the books as often as your child would like.

In summary, a reading corner is a space created especially for your child to read books. This is the space where his imagination is stimulated as he explores his favorite characters and creates his own story line. This is the space where the love of reading is nurtured and continued throughout his entire life.


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