How does my 6yo organize his sister’s birthday party? (Part 1)

My youngest is turning 3 this July 2018! I jump into the bandwagon of giving my eldest kiddo, the 6yo, the freedom to take the lead and organize a birthday party for his youngest sister, fondly called Baby at home. He’s expected to co-organize the party with my second kiddo, his 4yo sister. (I hope I don’t confuse you!)

I’m a party planner. I grew up planning and organizing parties – birthday, year end, Christmas, charity event, meet-up or even movies get-together. I find organizing events an enjoyable and beneficial experience as it allows me to learn time planning, budgeting, networking and thinking out of the box.

Well….. He might be a bit too young to organize a birthday party and it could be disastrous, but then again, how bad could it be right? (Okay, I shall do a postmortem “report” after the birthday party is over. Fingers crossed!)

This would be an installation of weekly updates (every Friday night or Saturday morning) showcasing the kiddos’ action plan for the birthday party, followed by a postmortem post after the birthday party is over. So, stay tuned!

For starter, I’ve agreed to allow him to take the lead to organize the birthday party for his youngest sister.

As of today, he has done the following:

Bugging his sister countless time for a theme

My youngest girl loves “Princess” and “My Little Pony”. My son is definitely trying hard not to be associated with “Princess”, so he’s having some sort of conflict of interest and he’s trying his best to convince his little sister that “My Little Pony” is nicer.

Conclusion: None so far! Many funny conversations have taken place!

I also realized: Meal time discussion is no longer about “why is food so slow” or “Mei Mei disturbs me” or other annoying things. In fact, “serious” discussion happens. He also learns how to go down to his little sister’s level to try to convince her by bribing her with activities she likes – painting. He also tries to convince her that an “Ultraman” party is also a “Princess” party.

Discovering the calculator!

Oh no! I should have been more discreet about showing him the calculator! Now, I’ve to convince him otherwise that mental calculation is important and calculator is a piece of junk.

I’m teaching him about budgeting by setting up the amount of money that he can spend to organize the party and how to work backwards. I accidentally took out my phone to use the calculator feature to do a quick calculation, and fair enough, he’s amused! Oh dear!

Conclusion: As of today, he’s probably still doesn’t really get the idea of budgeting. I sure hope this practice will give him some insights in near future.

Time planning and prioritization

I tell him that his daily routine remains the same. So, he has to either work more efficiently or he needs to start prioritizing his time, i.e. plan vs play. I also tell him to start delegating some works to his 4yo sister.

I also realized: He’s a big time “dictator”! He neither discuss nor explain to his sister why certain things are done and he insists on doing his way. A lot of work needs to be done on this.

That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for next week’s update.

Author: Grace Tan
Grace quit her lecturing job to be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) after her student reminded her that she only has six years of her children’s life to be their best friend as thereafter it’s their friends who shape their life. Being a hyperactive person who stays at home by choice, Grace is breaking the epitome of ‘being a good employee equates working in the office’ by leading by example. Grace is an entrepreneur who has started a few businesses and she puts SAHMs in mind in every employment that she creates.

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