How does my 6yo organize his sister’s birthday party? (Part 2)

Here comes Part 2 of my 6yo’s adventure of co-organizing his youngest sister’s birthday party!

Part 1 is here if you missed it.


K Jin (Koko) – 0
Baby – 1

We finally had an answer about her birthday party’s theme. I wasn’t sure if I would live to regret this, but we’ve taught K Jin how to search images on Google for inspirations about what he wanted to do for the birthday party. So he learned to spell “Frozen” and “My Little Pony”, showed his findings to his little sister and asked what does she want.

It was almost love at first sight when she saw the picture below. She totally ignored “My Little Pony” or any other “Frozen” picture.

So….. Frozen birthday theme it is!


We all thought that a ‘Princess Picnic’ would be the best option for now because both sisters like to sit down and pretend play as though they are having a picnic. However, we haven’t really finalized the types of party food to prepare because any suggestion from the kids could potentially blow our budget.

K Jin also doesn’t have a sweet tooth, so he’s not keen on Googling for party food. He probably would say ‘soup + rice’ would be the ideal party food.

I’m thinking of delegating this task to our little foodie, our second child – K Lynn. However, the only worry is this little girl has very high-class taste buds which would probably burn a hole in our pockets if she decides on the menu!

Have you seen the video of how she asked things from her daddy? She’s super manja!


K Jin was obviously a little upset and he’s still trying to manifest his personal preference over his little sister’s birthday wish of having a Princess party. To manage this, I told him that instead of joining the Princess party, he could be the Big Koko (Brother) managing the whole birthday party.

Parent’s expectation of party management: He manages the birthday party whereby he tells the little kids what they’re doing now, what games they’ll play, eating time and all that.

K Jin’s expectation of party management: Be ‘Prince Charming with sword and amour’.

Well, what can I expect right? He’s just 6 years old and he would most likely be putting his own preference first.

However, after some negotiation that he could do some DIY activities to keep the little kids entertained, he started to think how to keep the little kids happy.

K Jin enjoys DIY stuff and after discovering using keywords to google “DIY”, “kids party”, “kids games”, etc, I could safely say – I didn’t have a clue of what he’s gonna do next.

The only conclusion I have is that I was definitely exhausted at the end of the day! That’s why I’m not so sure if I would regret teaching him to use Mr Google.

He did request to do some DIY games over the weekend or during the Raya break, so stay tuned for our next update next Friday!

Author: Grace Tan
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