How does my 6yo organize his sister’s birthday party? (Part 3)

Here comes Part 3 of my 6yo’s adventure of co-organizing his youngest sister’s birthday party!

From my previous post (Part 2), K Jin was googling for DIY party games. As the kids really like water games (part of their weekly activities), he decided to build a DIY water sprinkler system made from plastic pipes.

So, we used Google Search to look for some realistic photos and asked him to choose and draw how he wanted the sprinkler system to look like.

Then we went to the hardware store to buy the pipes and other materials required. See photo below.

Useful tip: Ask the shop assistant to cut the pipes for you! Having three kids below six years old, the last thing I want to do is to use a saw in front of them.

DIY Water Sprinkler System

Raw material required

  • 3 pieces 40″ length and 3/4″ diameter pipe
  • 8 pieces 24″ length and 3/4″ diameter pipe
  • 8 pieces 10″ length and 3/4″ diameter pipe
  • 4 pieces 20″ length and 3/4″ diameter pipe
  • 10 T-shaped joints
  • 4 L-shaped shape joints
  • 7 end caps
  • 1 hose adapter
  • 1 small can PVC glue

How to build

Step 1: Drill holes with an interval of approximately 3″ on all the pipes except the 10″ pipes.

Lesson learned: Probably can omit using the 24″ pipes because we realize our water pressure isn’t strong enough.

Step 2: Connect the pipes according to the drawing.

Useful tip: Don’t forget to put on PVC glue and let them dry for 2 hours first!

Useful tip: Use the floor as the base to knock and tighten the pipe and joint.

Step 3: Adapt the water hose to the sprinkler system and let’s play!

Watch the result!

​What did we learn from this little DIY family project

Lesson 1: I need to learn to let go and let them try new things.

At first, I was really worried to let him handle the drill or even the PVC glue. But K Jin did really good job. He seemed to be an OCD little guy too! There was an incident whereby his dad pointed out that he should be drilling a hole at a certain point and he told his dad that the interval given was too small.

Lesson 2: Allow the kids to go along with their creativity.

Let their creativity runs wild! The water sprinkler is also their bicycle wash center now. We’ve never brought them to automated car wash centers, but somehow they get the idea.

Lesson 3: Always check your house’s water pressure first.

Don’t drill too many holes! Now we’ve to use Plasticine to cover extra holes to build up appropriate pressure in the sprinkler system.

Stay tuned for my next update!

Author: Grace Tan
Grace quit her lecturing job to be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) after her student reminded her that she only has six years of her children’s life to be their best friend as thereafter it’s their friends who shape their life. Being a hyperactive person who stays at home by choice, Grace is breaking the epitome of ‘being a good employee equates working in the office’ by leading by example. Grace is an entrepreneur who has started a few businesses and she puts SAHMs in mind in every employment that she creates.

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