How does my 6yo organize his sister’s birthday party? (Part 4)

Here comes Part 4 of my 6yo’s adventure of co-organizing his youngest sister’s birthday party!

Follow their story:

Getting the invitation card out

The kids know that we’re ‘working’ whenever we’re using our laptops. One of their happiest moments is to be able to ‘work’ like adults. During K Jin’s last birthday, I sat down with him to design his invitation card. In the end, I did it on my own.

This time round, I told him that I’d allow him to design his sister’s invitation card using my laptop. He couldn’t sleep that night. He kept asking can he start doing the card now.

Lesson 1

Only inform them on the day itself when you’re ready to allow them to do something new or exciting. Else, be prepared to nag non-stop – please go to sleep first – like a broken record.

He woke up early the next morning, asking if he could start designing the card. So we gave him a piece of A4 paper to let him draw the card’s draft. He’s also allowed to google for some ideas.

I explained to him about ‘layering’ – starting with the background. We googled for some background ideas by searching “frozen background” and let him make the choice. Then we inserted the background onto PowerPoint.

He wanted a heart-shaped background for the sister’s photo as well, so we looked for “glitter heart png”. Next, we asked him to take a photo of his sister with our phone and then the photo was inserted in the heart-shaped background. We also gotten him to search for “frozen png” so that he could decorate the card.

Lastly, I created a text box, where he could type in the invitation message.

Lesson 2

I didn’t grow up learning phonics, but I must say I’m amazed with it! With phonics, he tried to spell out the words on the invitation card.

Again, a reminder to myself – allow them explore on their own, rather than spoon-feed them.

Apart from learning how to use Google, this project also helped to hone his analytical skills. We asked him questions such as information that other parents would need to know about the birthday party. He answered the questions about ‘where’ and ‘when’, although we’d need to explain to him regarding more specific details such as address, time and RSVP.

Then, we allowed him to do the “magic” – press ‘print’ and see the card magically materialize off the screen into a physical car! Kids are kids, and oh boy, he was really excited about it!

He then showed the card to his little sister. We all could see her smiling as she looked at her photo on the card together with the Frozen princesses.

Lesson 3

It took quite a long time to do this card – maybe about 5 hours or more. We adults could have done it in 30 minutes. However, we believe by letting him did everything from scratch, he unlocked a whole new level of confidence with what he could achieve when he’s doing something.

Watch how K Shwen was so happy upon seeing the invitation card that her brother made for her.

Stay tuned for my next update!

Author: Grace Tan
Grace quit her lecturing job to be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) after her student reminded her that she only has six years of her children’s life to be their best friend as thereafter it’s their friends who shape their life. Being a hyperactive person who stays at home by choice, Grace is breaking the epitome of ‘being a good employee equates working in the office’ by leading by example. Grace is an entrepreneur who has started a few businesses and she puts SAHMs in mind in every employment that she creates.

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