How does my 6yo organize his sister’s birthday party? (Postmortem)

It’s been a week since the birthday and it’s still the talk amongst the kids.

As parents, were we tired? Yes, very much! It’s 2 months’ worth of planning! However, there wasn’t any feeling of regret. I personally felt that not only did this whole exercise build my child’s character but mine as well.

Here’s a reflection on the characteristics that were cultivated within us.


Initiative is “recognizing and doing what is needed to be done before I being asked to do it.”

Initiatives have to be balanced with patience, dependability and responsibility as well.

As this birthday party involved doing things which were not the norm (hint: house chores), my son grew curious and started taking his own initiative to offer help without being asked. For example, while building the playground, he saw us shaving away splinters from the pieces of wood. He eagerly offered to help.

We also taught him how to paint on wood, which in return, he taught his younger sister to do the same. This very act melted our hearts and all the more when he beckoned to his sister saying, “Later koko help you do over there”.

Watch the video below.


Tolerance is “showing respect for others who are different from me.”

Having a boy to plan a girl’s birthday party definitely didn’t come easy, especially at this age. During the earlier weeks we saw how he tried to convince the little sister to agree to a non-princess birthday party rather than a Frozen princess birthday.

As he was in the right age to understand, we explained to him to try to think of others. This helped him learn to articulate his ideas and be more considerate of others’ feelings and wants.

He finally did embrace and respect the Frozen themed birthday, and also learned how he could make it a nice celebration for his little sister.


Enthusiasm is “putting my whole heart into what I do.” Whatever the task, no matter how big or small, it will always turn out better if you put one’s whole heart into it!

He was really very much into using my laptop – simply because it was the “Big People” thingy.  He showed great enthusiasm on learning the keys (and memorizing then because I didn’t like to explain something more than twice). He learned how to use Powerpoint – especially the layering (which helps to organize his thought process and to think ahead) and most importantly, he was proud of the designs he created.

Daddy thought that his design can be improved, however, he was so proud of what he came up with that he insisted that we used his designs exactly as they were!


Attentiveness is “concentrating on the person or task before me.”

In today’s fast-paced world, even for a kid, attention spans are generally quite poor. On top of planning his little sister’s birthday, his kindy had also selected him to perform a poem recital for the kindy’s graduation ceremony and concert day. With both items going on simultaneously, this meant that his daily play time was somewhat shortened.

It was good to see how he learned that he needed to prioritize and concentrate on his current tasks as part of his overall time management.

On a side note, I was really surprised how fast a 6-year-old could memorize poems!

So, I hope this thematic article would encourage you to let your kids try something new! Happy Parenting!

Author: Grace Tan
Grace quit her lecturing job to be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM) after her student reminded her that she only has six years of her children’s life to be their best friend as thereafter it’s their friends who shape their life. Being a hyperactive person who stays at home by choice, Grace is breaking the epitome of ‘being a good employee equates working in the office’ by leading by example. Grace is an entrepreneur who has started a few businesses and she puts SAHMs in mind in every employment that she creates.

At, we aim to help parents make informed choices and follow a parent hack or two to make your everyday life a little easier.

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