Introducing Sponsors of 12-Week Fit Mommies Challenge

Many THANKS to the four major sponsors of our 12-Week Fit Mommies Challenge!

We’d love to give our FOUR graceful sponsors a preliminary introduction in this article.

Our 12-Week Fit Mommies Challenge ends on 10 September but do stay tuned for our upcoming posts until end of the month!

We will be featuring each sponsor and the corresponding sponsored mommies’ journey and progress in the following articles to come!

Are you excited to find out who are the four sponsors?

Here they are, in no particular order.

Pure Touch Clinic Bangsar South

Mommy Cindy at Pure Touch Clinic

Pure Touch Clinic Bangsar South is an Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgery clinic founded by Dr. Jed who believes, “Enhancements not only to one’s beauty but also to one’s sense of self esteem and confidence.”

Pure Touch Clinic has sponsored two programs to two participants in this 12-Week Fit Mommies Challenge.

90-day Tailored Slimming Program (Metacode / Breaking Metabolic Code)

Let’s hear from Mommy Cindy why she chose this program!

“After consulting Dr. Jed, I learned a few things that helped me to make my decision to go with this Metacode program.”

“First of all, I personally believe that by resetting my body’s metabolic rate from the inside out, only then I can stay fit and slim for long term.”

“I was impressed by the concept of Metacode being a personalized/tailored program that looks into my body composition. A comprehensive blood work was done and with the data collected, Dr. Jed could then tailor the program for my body.”

“Throughout the program, I learn about healthy eating pattern and how to choose the right kind of food. By doing so, the program actually trains my body to burn fuel for energy from my internal adipose tissue (fat deposit) and not from external food intake with high calories.”

“This program is not a general product that caters to the mass market out there because I don’t believe in one product that suits everyone in general.”

“Most importantly, Metacode is more than just a weight loss program. I’m convinced there will be no rebound after the program ends because my body’s metabolic rate has been reset-ed! So, I don’t have to spend a fortune to keep on consuming slimming products!”

“Do follow for my journey and progress!”

Cryo Lipolysis (Fat Freezing)

Let’s hear from Mommy Adrina why she chose this program!

“For me, my reason is pretty straightforward. I want the fastest way to reduce my huge tummy after giving birth a year ago!”

“After consulting Dr. Jed, I learned that this non-invasive fat freezing technology is very effective in reducing fats. This treatment specifically targets and kills stubborn fat cells! This is exactly what I need!”

“No down time. No pain. In short, it’s like a shortcut to getting a smaller tummy without having to go under the knife! So, yes, that’s why I chose this program!”

“Same like Cindy, do follow for my journey and progress!”

Aulora Kodenshi Pants

Aulora Kodenshi Pants are medical-grade compression pants imported from Japan. They promote health and instant slimming.

Let’s hear from Mommy Joyce why she chose Kodenshi!

“Well, after giving birth twice, I sort of given up hope to regain a healthy body image and shape! But deep down, I know I need to do something about it.”

“With my limited time as I work from home, I need a method that doesn’t require me to go to gym or run or exercise a lot. I also don’t want to be too restrictive with my food choices. Do I sound like a lot of you out there? Hahaha…”

“Mommy Cheryl introduced the Aulora Kodenshi Pants to me. She explained how far infrared from the pants’ unique fibers helps to improve blood circulation and increase calories burned during movement when the pants are worn.”

“Sounds good to me and so I started wearing it for the challenge!”

“Check out my unboxing video below to see the pants.”

“Here’s a little teaser for you. The photo below was taken in mid-June 2018 when I first started wearing Kodenshi.”

“By the way, the most significant improvement is that my left knee which I injured a few months ago isn’t painful anymore! My water retention problem has been greatly reduced and I have zero period cramps nowadays!”

If you want to see the results in September, do follow for my journey and progress!”

TR90 Weight Management Program

The ageLOC® TR90® System is a breakthrough weight management system by Nu Skin. You could look forward to a leaner, younger looking you in 90 days. There are three key areas: simple eating plan that focuses on improving metabolism and maintaining lean muscle mass; innovative products that leverage in gene expression science; active lifestyle because exercise is important.

Let’s hear from Mommy Jean why she chose TR90!

“Previously after I had my twins, I had Diastasis Recti i.e. split abs due to my body having to accommodate the big pregnancy. I did some physio exercises for 1.5 years but nothing really happened. When my twins were turning two, I was advised by the doctor to strengthen my core and back muscles so that when I conceive again, I won’t have so much back pain.”

“This was also the time I decided to take up TR90 as it’s meant to help us build lean muscles faster compared to if you’re just doing exercises without it. And surprisingly, within 5 weeks, my Diastasis Recti gap was no longer there. I was very happy with my results so I’m excited to be fitter to keep up with my 3 children!”

“My motivation this round is to tone up, get fitter and to have better stamina to keep up with my children (kids seem to have this never ending source of energy somehow!) And of course to be healthier, look better and boost my own self confidence!”

“Like Joyce, if you want to see my results in September, do follow for my journey and progress!”

Personal Coaching + Herbalife Nutrition

Let’s hear from Mommy Celaine why she chose Personalized Program that focuses on 80% nutrition 20% workout and pairing with Herbalife Nutrition supplement.

“I was very overweight after given birth to my third child in 2015. I have done all sorts of weight loss methods, i.e. skipping meals, portion control, slimming centers, slimming pills, etc, but nothing worked and I was very demotivated.”

“In 2016, I met my personal coach who hosted a 10-Day Lean & Tone Program. I started to learn the basics of clean eating and since then I’ve been doing 5 meals a day. I lost 10kg in 6 months under her coaching and personalized meal plan which I  followed diligently.”

“This is why I chose to continue her Personalized Program for this 12-week fit mommies challenge! I want to push myself to do more workout (both group workouts and gym workouts) to gain a more toned body and increase my clean meals consumption. My ultimate aim is to work towards a new body and Fit 40!”

“Do follow for my journey and progress!”

Editor’s note

Our 12-Week Fit Mommies Challenge ends on 10 September but do stay tuned for our upcoming posts until end of the month as we feature each sponsor and the corresponding sponsored mommies’ journey and progress!


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