Kids Hack: DIY LEGO Table

Does your child love LEGO?
Yes, my boy is currently into everything LEGO.

How many times have you stepped on rogue LEGO pieces on the floor?
I don’t know. I lost count. It’s impossible to count.

How many times have your child pestered you to find that one missing LEGO piece from his ginormous collections of colorful little bricks?
I tell you, this is getting on my nerves.

So how?

So, it’s time to build a DIY LEGO table! Yes, I’m so gonna create a play table just for my boy to keep his beloved LEGO pieces in order.

There are so many ideas I found online but with my limited DIY skills, I like this super simple idea of using a super cheap IKEA table.

What do I need?

IKEA LACK side table

  • Size: 55×55 cm

LEGO baseplates

  • You will need four of these green baseplates


To assemble, glue the baseplates onto the table. Bingo!

The finished table will look like what you see in the photo below (not including the LEGO buildings):

(Credit: AngryJulieMonday)

What’s next?

I’ll update this post with my boy’s DIY LEGO table when it’s ready!


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