Our Major Milestone: Creating Bare Nuhcessities

Formulating our product range was one of the longest waits in my life. It also came with many questions. One major question was: How do we prove how effective it is?

We decided, our best bet was to send our products to be tested by dermatologists in the laboratory. We felt, there was no better way to be sure other than having qualified professionals to run tests for our products.

My own children have been eczema-free for the past two years, so I no longer have “test subjects” in our house.

My daughter’s eczema

One night, we were awoken by our older daughter’s cries. She was screaming no, no, no! When we tried to calm her down, we noticed she was scratching herself. I massaged and soothed her while putting her back to sleep. This happened at least 5 times that night. We thought the itchiness was from mosquito bites since she had always been a mosquito magnet.

She woke up early the next morning as she couldn’t sleep well. When I bathed her and changed her out of her pajamas, I was shocked! Her whole back and hands were red! No wonder she had been scratching the whole night and didn’t get much sleep!

Unsure of the cause, I brought her to see the pediatrician as soon as the clinic opened. By then, my daughter had been scratching herself for more than 12 hours and her skin had become very sore to touch. She was crying too. Given the severity of the itch, the pediatrician advised that antihistamines and steroids would be necessary. If you have followed my story, I had very bad experience with steroids. Read about it on this blog post regarding Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW). I was really worried and very reluctant to give them to her.

While driving home, I planned my next course of action. I didn’t want to put her on steroids, but if she kept scratching and it got worse (e.g. started bleeding), I knew it would be a long journey. I had to do something quick to keep it at bay.

Our action plan

1. Gave her antihistamines, 3 times a day.

2. Soaked her in Bare Calming Oat Soak in room temperature water. I didn’t want to use hot water because it could strip off natural moisturizers and trigger inflammation. Then I gently rubbed the affected areas with the oat soak bags. It was very calming and comforting for her. I did this twice a day. This no-rinse formula formed a protective layer on her skin.

3. Applied Bare Balancing Baby Lotion within 3 minutes after her bath. I let the lotion set in for about 30 seconds. Having a good microbiome balancing moisturizer is important as the probiotics help colonize the skin with good bacteria. I did this every four hours to keep her skin moisturized.

4. Applied a thin layer of Bare Barrier Baby Balm. Dry skin triggers scratching. So, a good barrier balm is necessary to prevent dehydration and help with “locking in” the lotion/moisturizer that I applied. I did this every four hours to keep her skin moisturized.

The effects were definitely not as immediate as steroids and it was heartbreaking seeing my daughter scratched and cried. I was about to give in to giving my daughter steroid cream when a mommy friend who had experienced Topical Steroid Withdrawal with her child reminded me that I had to be very patient.

So….. I tried my best to distract her from her never-ending scratching and ended up with letting her watch YouTube videos. Well, she seemed to scratch less while watching. I was fine with that – anything to stop the scratching! Remember, excessive scratching worsens eczema.

At the 48th hour, much to my relief, the redness on her back was gone and she felt much better! Only dry patches left at this point.

I stopped using the Bare Calming Oat Soak since the redness had subsided. But I continued to moisturize the dry patches with Bare Balancing Baby Lotion and Bare Barrier Baby Balm twice a day without fail.

After 7 days, she had silky smooth skin! As parents, we would understand the stress of seeing your child in such discomfort. I was really overjoyed when I saw how well our products worked on her.

My daughter’s eczema wasn’t very severe but we dealt with it the moment symptoms showed. We know our products are suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, but nothing beats seeing the results with my own eyes on my daughter’s extra sensitive skin. It feels really good to have this major milestone checked!

This post is brought to you by Bare Nuhcessities. At Bare Nuhcessities, we place a lot of importance on healthy skin microbiome. This is achievable using only safe ingredients which are vouched for by independent parties and by using only the necessities in our formulation. We aim not for a temporary recovery, or recovery with withdrawal side effects – but a healthy skin microbiome.

At BeInformedSpace.com, we aim to help parents make informed choices and follow a parent hack or two to make your everyday life a little easier.

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