Personal Coaching & Herbalife Nutrition in 12-Week Fit Mommies Challenge

After three months, our 12-Week Fit Mommies Challenge has officially ended on 10 September 2018. It has been a rewarding journey to all 12 mommies!

You can read about their individual journey on our three articles from the challenge’s finale series – Part 1Part 2Part 3.

Personal Coaching & Herbalife Nutrition

Today, we want to dedicate an article about Mommy Celaine’s journey.

She was on a Personalized Program that focuses on 80% nutrition 20% exercise and pairing with Herbalife Nutrition supplement throughout the 12-Week Fit Mommies Challenge.


I was very overweight after given birth to my third child in 2015. I have done all sorts of weight loss methods, i.e. skipping meals, portion control, slimming centers, slimming pills, etc, but nothing worked and I was very demotivated.

In 2016, I met my personal coach who hosted a 10-Day Lean & Tone Program. I started to learn the basics of clean eating and since then I’ve been doing 5 meals a day. I lost 10kgs in 6 months under her coaching and personalized meal plan which I  followed diligently.

This is why I chose to continue her Personalized Program for this 12-week fit mommies challenge! I want to push myself to do more workout (both group workouts and gym workouts) to gain a more toned body and increase my clean meals consumption.

My ultimate aim is to work towards a new body and Fit 40!

My mindset throughout the 12 weeks: Choice, Consistent, Convenience


I strongly believe in the 80% nutrition and 20% exercise principle.

80% Nutrition

I practice good eating habit because having the right nutrition is very important. I cook my own meals as much as I can. I take Herbalife smoothies as meal replacement and Herbalife Nutrition protein shake as my healthy balanced meal and quick fix for my pre- and post-workout meal diligently.

I snack to maintain five meals a day consistently. Healthy snacking helps to manage my cravings for sweet stuff much better. I don’t starve and I really focus on eating meals with higher nutritional value such as high protein and lower calories with portion control.

I also did a 3-day detox routine starting from the 5th week.

20% Exercise/Workout

I go to the gym with my gym buddy to workout at least three times a week. I focus on weight and resistance training.

Once a week, I join a community fit camp to recharge and get positive energy from the fit family.


In three weeks, my body fat dropped 1%; I have a flatter tummy too; my muscle mass increased by 1kg.

In seven weeks, I have gained additional 0.7kg of muscle mass and body fat down by another 0.8%.

At the end of 12 weeks, I have gained 2kg of muscle and lost 3% body fat in total. My body is toned up and my abs lines are more visible now.

I have put in at least 80% of my effort in this challenge. I’m happy with my results and how I look in the mirror. I don’t measure myself with the weighing scale but rather how I feel and look in the mirror.

I will continue this journey and keeping fit has become a lifestyle!

Watch Mommy Celaine’s journey!

Editor’s note

Do stay tuned for our upcoming posts until end of the month as we feature other sponsors and the corresponding sponsored mommies’ journey and progress!


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