Thanks Pure Touch Clinic Bangsar South for sponsoring 90-Day Tailored Slimming Program

Pure Touch Clinic Bangsar South is an Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgery clinic founded by Dr. Jed who believes, “Enhancements not only to one’s beauty but also to one’s sense of self esteem and confidence.”

Pure Touch Clinic sponsored two programs to two mommies in this 12-Week Fit Mommies Challenge. A huge THANK YOU to Dr. Jed and team!

Last week, we’ve featured Mommy Adrina’s journey with Pure Touch Clinic’s Fat Freezing (Cryo Lipolysis) treatment.

Today, we want to dedicate an article about Mommy Cindy’s journey with Pure Touch Clinic’s 90-Day Tailored Slimming Program.

Why did Mommy Cindy choose 90-Day Tailored Slimming Program?

As we age, hormones in our aging body aren’t exactly working well, so our metabolic rate slows down. No matter what I did, I couldn’t achieve my desired results.

After consulting Dr. Jed, I was impressed by the concept of the 90-Day Tailored Slimming Program or Metacode being a personalized/tailored program.

A comprehensive blood work was done and with the data collected, Dr. Jed could then tailor the program based on my body composition to reset my body’s metabolic rate. Only then I can stay slim!

What happened during the program?

This program starts with a thorough blood tests that looks at hormones, vitamins, glucose and cholesterol levels. Then, Dr Jed will tailor the program based on the results. The key is to replace sub-optimal parameters back to its optimal function.

This program consists of customized liquid medication, supplements and a few injections through out the full course. I also learn about healthy eating pattern and how to choose the right kind of food. By doing so, the program actually trains my body to burn fuel for energy from my internal adipose tissue (fat deposit) and not from external food intake especially carbohydrates.

At the end of the program, a series of blood tests are repeated again and a comparison is made. Sub-optimal parameters are back to the values of younger days, as well as improved cholesterol and glucose control.

So, how did the program actually help?

This program is not a general product that caters to the mass market out there because I don’t believe in one product that suits everyone in general.

Most importantly, Metacode is more than just a weight loss program.

The blood tests done in the beginning of the program are important to screen through and rule out possible weight gain reasons due to medical conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), hypothyroidism, or just sub-optimal metabolic rate, etc.

If medical conditions are ruled out, weight gain is just simply due to bad eating habits whereby our body is so used to depend on carbohydrates. So what this program does is to CORRECT the body’s dependence of carbs and to TRAIN it not to rely on carbs too much in order to function.

At the end of the program, as my body is already been trained – even without further programs, supplements or vitamins – it has gotten used to eating healthily and does not require to eat too much. Of course, if I purposely want to depend on carbs again, then whatever that has been trained will be lost.

So, as long as I continue to eat healthily and don’t over eat, I won’t have to spend a fortune to keep on consuming  slimming products ever again!


Check out gorgeous Mommy Cindy’s amazing transformation from her series of photos below!

From 64kg to 56kg, total of 8kg weight loss in a span of 90 days!

For more information about the treatment, you can read Mommy Cindy’s Facebook post or contact Pure Touch Clinic Bangsar South and make an appointment with them.

Editor’s note

Do stay tuned for the post about our final sponsor and the corresponding sponsored mommies’ journey and progress coming up next!


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