Thanks Pure Touch Clinic Bangsar South for sponsoring Fat Freezing Treatment (Cryo Lipolysis)

Pure Touch Clinic Bangsar South is an Aesthetic/Cosmetic Surgery clinic founded by Dr. Jed who believes, “Enhancements not only to one’s beauty but also to one’s sense of self esteem and confidence.”

Pure Touch Clinic sponsored two programs to two mommies in this 12-Week Fit Mommies Challenge. A huge THANK YOU to Dr. Jed and team!

Today, we want to dedicate an article about Mommy Adrina’s journey with their Fat Freezing Treatment (Cryo Lipolysis).


In the beginning of the 12-Week Fit Mommies Challenge, I was using the calories counting strategy. I exercised self control on my food choices. I also did planking and squats routine in addition to counting calories. I did feel so much better overall after sweating as compared to my previous sedentary lifestyle.

After one month, I started on the Fat Freezing Treatment by Pure Touch Clinic. I’ve to say this was a nice addition to whatever I’ve been doing on my own.

Why Fat Freezing Treatment (Cryo Lipolysis)?

My reason is pretty straightforward. I want the fastest way to reduce my huge tummy after giving birth a year ago!

After consulting Dr. Jed, I learned that this non-invasive fat freezing technology is very effective in reducing fats. This treatment specifically targets and destroys stubborn fat cells without the need to undergo surgery! This is exactly what I need!

No down time. No pain. In short, it’s like a shortcut to getting a smaller tummy without having to go under the knife! So, yes, that’s why I chose this program!


Before treatment

After treatment

Check out Mommy Adrina’s amazing transformation!


For more information about the treatment, please contact Pure Touch Clinic Bangsar South and make an appointment with them.

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Do stay tuned for our upcoming posts until end of the month as we feature other sponsors and the corresponding sponsored mommies’ journey and progress!


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