School starts 2019: Separation Anxiety kit for PARENTS and kid(s)

Happy New Year!
This year, school starts relatively early. As much as I can’t wait for my son to reach his milestone of starting primary school, I sulked when I realised that schools will start on the 2nd of January. Deep inside, I secretly wish that school would start the following Monday instead.

1| Getting your child prepared

Nothing gets parents more panic than seeing their child panic. So, to ensure you do not have separation anxiety for your child, first thing first, get your child prepared. Here, we have prepared a checklist for you.

2| Be calm and consistent

Create a routine which would help ease both you and your child’s anxiety. Make the exit routine a calm, pleasant, loving and firm goodbye (we know everyone loves long winded goodbye waves follow by a peekaboo surprise that ‘I’m still here’ but this is not a good time for it). Stay calm and show confidence to your child. Reassure him or her that you’ll be back — and explain when you’ll return using concepts kids will understand (such as after lunch). Give your full attention when you say goodbye, and when you say you’re leaving, mean it; coming back will only make things worse. Knowing what you need to do to give your reassurance to your child also reassure yourself everything will be alright.

3| Know that they’re in safe hands

Knowing your child is in safe hands would make you feel better. Get to know the teachers and some of your child’s classmates’ parents. A community parenting would always give comforts to yourself that they’re safe. If it makes you feel better, get the class teacher’s contact number – however, please refrain from contacting the teacher all the time. This should be used for emergency only, and let the teacher do what they’re meant to do – tend your child and not you.

4| Make plans for yourself

For once, after years of taking care of your child(s), you’ve a bit of ‘me’ time. You might feel like as though you’re being selfish having your personal time, but trust me, this is what makes you sane for the 2,345,397,958 questions you will answer when your child is back. This would also make your time pass faster.

5| Cry if you need

We know this is a great milestone and we are not discounting that. So cry if you need, but never ever cry in front of your child as that would build up fear in them. These are indeed happy tears and you can do it with your other ‘silai‘ friends that you have make plans after dropping your child(s).

That’s it – our survival kit for separation anxiety. Don’t forget to take the memorable photo too!


Grace is a Mum of 3 happy, chirpy and energetic kids that she always call them monkeys! She chose to be a stay-at-home-mum so she can be around tending to her kids needs hence she pulls out her entrepreneur skill by co-founding Bare Nuhcessities; a baby personal care products that focus on using safe ingredients in their products. She's also the founder of Memento; making handcrafted keepsake made with breastmilk, baby hair and baby cord. She also wrote a few recipe books which are available in Popular bookstore.

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