Sunday Activities: Stitching Family Pillow Together

The elder two learning about occupation in school recently that they wanted to get some “hands-on” experience. So one of the occupations that my kids want to try is to be a tailor (the eldest is more an adventurous one wanting to try new things) and artist (the younger one is more comfortable being in doing something which she is familiar with).

So to get them having hands-on experience with this and also to teach them family teamwork, I came out with a plan to stitch family pillow together. My initial plan was just my elder daughter will draw on the white canvas cloth, then my son, who is the eldest would stitch the pillow using needle and thread and the youngest would help to stuff cotton into the pillow before he stitches the pillow with needle and thread. However, he have a different plan.

He have this picture in his book where the tailor was working with a sewing machine and he knows that we have one at home too. He sees me working with it a few times. So when he request to try to sew, his idea is to do it with the sewing machine.

As he have just turned 7 years old, I have my reservation with him using the sewing machine. In fact, I have my thoughts of all the “what ifs” and my next course of action if any accident happens.

However, I am also a strong believer where when a child is highly curious about something, we should allow them to explore.

So, I change my plan. I really want him to learn how to use needle and thread though. I put on my thinking cap and start thinking how else can I incorporate needle and thread, and it can only be done with needle and thread instead of sewing machine. Then, I remember he has this paper in his pencil box, where he sticks a family picture and wrote “My Best Family”. My best friend, Michelle, the owner of Little Pink Factory, likes to do cross stitch. I thought maybe, he can stitch some words too for the pillow just like those brand tags.

The paper that he kept in his pencil box.

I bought some graph paper, and cross out the letters for him. As I was doing it, I realised that “My Best Family” is probably too long and it might even demotivate him to continue on. Plus, I never cross stitch before! And I always tell my best friend that if I were to do what she does, I would probably die of boredom! 🤣 So I told him that maybe he can do “My Family 💗 ” instead.

I wrote down the letters in graph paper for him as sample, so he can do it himself.
Although I made the sample for him, but he have his own mind. Sometimes, we just need to let their creativity runs.

I didn’t need to teach the him much about cross stitch, simply also because I never cross stitch before! So, we YouTube some videos on it and before he even completed the whole video, he say he want to start stitching.
So, now my attention to my elder daughter, K Lynn, on her drawings. I asked her to draw on paper first, once she have her design, she can redraw it to the canvas instead.

K Lynn drawing on paper first.
Drawing it on canvas while the brother cross stitch at the back. The youngest was entertaining and cheering them with the fake mic at the background.
The coloured picture

It took him almost 2 hours plus to complete his cross stitch, and now, he knows how hard Aunty Michelle do her cross stitch. However, as his motivation is to use the sewing machine, he didn’t give up even though he starts to feel bored half way.

The completed cross stitch

Next, his opportunity to use the sewing machine. I brief him on the safety part – how should he place his hand, how to thread the needle (this was difficult for him because the hole for the cross stitch needles was much bigger, so in the end I did it for him) and how to make sure he is stitching straight. I used pins to hold both cloth so it stays put and would be easier for him to stitch straight.

His first experience using sewing machine

After he completes all 3 sides, it’s finally the younger sister, K Shwen’s turn. She was really excited as she bought the cotton with daddy and she knows it’s her task.

Smiling ear to ear hugging the cottons
Although it was her task, but the brother wants to ‘play’ along too.
The completed family pillow 💗💗💗

Definitely, team work well done! It’s not the most perfect pillow, but the most perfect one for our family.


Grace is a Mum of 3 happy, chirpy and energetic kids that she always call them monkeys! She chose to be a stay-at-home-mum so she can be around tending to her kids needs hence she pulls out her entrepreneur skill by co-founding Bare Nuhcessities; a baby personal care products that focus on using safe ingredients in their products. She's also the founder of Memento; making handcrafted keepsake made with breastmilk, baby hair and baby cord. She also wrote a few recipe books which are available in Popular bookstore.

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