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Babydash Up Close with Mommy Celebrities

Babydash has recently announced their first ever collaboration with Mommy Celebrities – “Up Close with Mommy Celebrities” event! Come and meet not just 1, but 4 power celebrity moms – Patricia K, Wawa Zainal, Yana Samsudin, Elaine Daly – who would be sharing their challenges as mothers and how do they cope living life as a mom

ibu Open Day 2018 is happening on 29 September

ibus Celebrate Malaysia in Open Day Festivities ibu showcases the best of its play and support network for expecting and young families The ibu Open Day 2018 will be a morning of fun Malaysian themed activities for the whole family to enjoy showcasing the best of ibu by our specialist facilitators, partners and sponsors, including

How does my 6yo organize his sister’s birthday party? (Part 5)

FOUR more weekends to the party! Woohoo! If you haven’t yet, you can follow the story here: Let’s see what we have achieved so far! Theme ✅ checked! Find out what’s the theme. Activities ✅ checked! Can you guess what we have done? About activities, you won’t wanna miss my update next week because

Day 14 – How do you handle haters?

Kristina Kuzmic gave the best piece of advice to this burning question: How do you handle haters? She said, “I don’t.” As a parent, especially a mom, you’re bound to meet haters. These haters are usually fellow mothers who are random strangers you met from Facebook groups. If your parenting style and decisions are different