Have you heard of Dry Wipes? This is what we know about them!

Yesterday, we asked you to guess what is that candy looking thing? Here it is!
Introducing *drum roll* Dry Wipes from Bare Nuhcessities

Bare Nuhcessities Natural Travel Wipes
Bare Natural Travel Wipes from Bare Nuhcessities. Each packs comes with tube for you to store your wipes hygienically!

Some interesting facts about Bare Nuhcessities’s dry wipes

1| It is like a little magic capsule! 
When we got hold of the Dry Wipes, and hydrate it just 5ml of water and then it expands magically in 1 seconds! I couldn’t even manage to take any photos of it. 
We definitely love that it is compressed into a small capsules and we don’t need to carry heavy wet wipes anymore. When I first got this, I was like, isn’t it a hassle, I need to carry water instead and it would probably be even heavier! Then after using it for a week, I realised that, everytime I go out with my kids, I always have water with me. On days that I forgot to carry out their water bottles, there is no issues at all as I always change their diaper in changing rooms, or when I need one to wipes their hand and mouth before meals, I can always get it from the restaurant.

The wipes is large size and it’s very durable. I love the weaving of the wipes that makes it traps dirts better. 

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy (and yes, once I use lemon infused water to hydrate the wipes too and it smells great. Next, I want to try to bring water with essential oils)

2| NO Nasty Chemicals
What we love about Bare Nuhcessities products is that their products are the safest you can get. I spoke to the founder about why they do what they do, it is really inspiring that they really insist on having their products safest one can get – for example, this revolutionary product of eliminating chemicals which are typically found in wet wipes by creating dry wipes! 

In simple scenario explanation, when we forget to dry our washed clothes within a few hours, it has this musky malodor smell. However, when we leave our wet wipes in the car under the hot sun for a week, it smells completely fresh. Doesn’t make sense, isn’t it? Both have liquid and in a closed environment, yet gives a different outcome. 
The scary part, wet wipes is a leave on products which we use in our babies delicate areas such as private parts and mouth, which we do not rinse it off with water. 

Bare Nuhcessities dry wipes are made with ZERO nasty chemicals – preservatives, fragrance, etc. They could easily create wet wipes and sell, but no, they insisted on creating something that is the safest one can get because it couldn’t pass their own conscience on the chemicals used in wet wipes. 

3| 100% Plant Fibre
Ever wonder why we can’t flush wet wipes into the toilet bowl? That is because polyester are added into wet wipes to prevent it from disintegrating. Polyester is needed because, in wet wipes, it is soaked in liquid all the time – if no polyester are added, it will disintegrate like how tissue paper does in contact with water. 
Bare Nuhcessities wipes are weaved to give you a strong hold, and guess what, you can also reuse it back if it is not too dirty. Just a little rinse, and you can reuse it. 
Flushable. Biodegrable. Definitely lots of love in this. 

They’re having one day sales on the 12.12! 

Tomorrow, Bare Nuhcessities will be having 12.12 sales for their Bare Natural Dry Wipes, Bare Natural Travel Wipes and Bare Bubbly Baby Wash. In collaboration with Beinformed Space, we have an extra discount code for you! 

Validity: 00:01am till 23:59pm on 12th December 2018
Amount: RM5.00 off

Have fun shopping! 

Did I also tell you I use it to remove make up? It’s super clean! Ok, for real, bye and have fun shopping 🙂 


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