Why Dry Wipes?

Let me tell you a story. Six years ago, I came across an incident that changed my mind about using wet wipes.

I had just given birth to my first child and I was waiting for my turn at the pediatrician’s clinic for almost two hours. As a new mom with a newborn in tow, it was a pretty trying and tiring situation.

Me: Oh dear, baby just pooped. I need to change his diaper first.
*Rummaged through my bag and took out a diaper and wet wipes*

Doctor: You do know that babies don’t really need wet wipes? Water and some cotton wool would be a better option. Wet wipes contain chemicals that are common allergens.

Me: *shocked* Really? But I thought that’s what mothers have been using? It was on the list of “things to buy for a newborn”.

Doctor: Well, it’s up to you. We don’t use any chemicals after each toilet session, so why does the baby need it?

His comment got me thinking each time I pulled out a wet wipe. I have three kids now, and to be honest, I can’t live without wet wipes.

Why Wet Wipes?

1. Convenience. What’s more convenient than pulling out a few wipes during diaper changes?

2. ‎Cotton wool fibers are messy! Well, I tried to be a model mom by using cotton wool and water. Water is readily available and accessible so that’s not an issue. However, diaper change for an active, wriggly baby/toddler is definitely an issue. You have to be quick. I dread pulling out leftover cotton wool fibers from their bottom. It’s just so messy!

3. ‎Calculated risks. So, it’s either wet wipes or cotton wool with water. I guess I rather take the risks of having chemicals on my baby’s skin as compared to him falling off the changing table? I hope I’m right abbout this. Then again, I’m not so sure.

The Opportunity

When we started Bare Nuhcessities, we brainstormed about what we wanted to offer. We began to focus on the current existing gap in the market.

I sifted through various issues that trigger mom-guilt and those that could need improvements. As I was still breastfeeding my youngest child, I couldn’t shake off that nagging worry at the back of my head that I was using too much wet wipes. (A breastfed baby needs a lot of diaper changes each day!) There and then, I knew I must ‘change the world’ (I mean, bridge the gap).

And so, I did some research. I finally decided that I should learn more about wet wipes and its dangers.

Dangers of Wet Wipes

1. Chemicals are there for a reason. Remember that musty smell of damp clothes during rainy days? Did you know that’s also the smell of bacteria populating on your clothes? Bacteria needs two things to grow – air and water. So, can you guess what will happen if wet wipes are just made of water without chemicals added? Hello, bacteria growth and musty smell!

2. ‎Wet wipes are usually made of polyester, a common allergen. Polyester, one of the synthetics used to manufacture wet wipes is a necessary evil. Toilet paper (made with natural fibers) disintegrate when they come in contact with water. The same would happen to wet wipes if natural fibers are used. So, polyester is used because they don’t disintegrate. However, did you know that 1 out of 4 kids is allergic to polyester?

3. ‎Synthetic fragrances are also there for a reason. Why do kids even need scented wet wipes? That’s because they smell so good and can cover smells. Guess what happens if you opt for no fragrance? More preservatives are required to avoid bacteria growth! Yikes!!! Do our kids really need this? Furthermore, I’m sure you know fragrance dries their delicate skin too!

4. ‎Preservatives. Based on the points above, now you know why preservatives are added. Also, I’m sure you’ve heard about the danger of one of the most commonly used preservatives – paraben.

The Quest

Pulling out wet wipes seems so much harder after I’ve done my research. My kids are now older and toilet-trained. I will rinse their bottoms with water; I don’t wipe with wet wipes anymore.

The product that I want to use should be something like disposable cloth wipes. It doesn’t disintegrate as soon as it comes in contact with water and it should have a wavy surface to act as a barrier between my hands and my kids’ bottoms.

So, here you go: The Bare Natural Dry Wipes, my dream disposable cloth wipes.

Why Bare Natural Dry Wipes?

1. Made of natural plant fibers, NO polyester. Dry wipes minimize the risk of allergens and they also help to save the world (sort of!). As they are made of natural plant fibers, dry wipes are biodegradable in 21 days, thus not contributing to landfills.

2. ‎ Good interface. My hands don’t come in direct contact with the stuff that I’m trying to clean off. Unlike tissue paper that disintegrates or leaves remnants, I like the interface that wet wipes have, so we replicate that sort of interface for our dry wipes.

3. ‎ Safe. This is the most important factor. Since water is readily available, I would just need a disposable cloth to do the job.

We searched the world for this!

We searched high and low, and finally we found our dream disposable cloth – dry wipes.

Dry wipes resemble wet wipes physiologically. They fit all our three important criteria listed above. They are also Oeko Tex certified free from harmful substances. Not only so, we’ve also made them travel-friendly too!

Two more reasons to love dry wipes:

1. I can use cleansing liquid of my choice. It could be just tap water or if you’re an essential oils user, you could dilute oils in a suitable spray bottle and carry it with you – spray, spray, spray, wipe, wipe, wipe. Voila!

2. ‎I don’t need to gamble. From now on, I don’t have to worry about long-term effects of chemicals in wet wipes, allergenic risks from polyester, etc.

I have peace of mind, knowing that I’m not putting my kids’ health at risk. It sure feels good, now that another burden is lifted off my shoulders.

This post is brought to you by Bare Nuhcessities. At Bare Nuhcessities, we place a lot of importance on healthy skin microbiome. This is achievable using only safe ingredients which are vouched for by independent parties and by using only the necessities in our formulation. We aim not for a temporary recovery, or recovery with withdrawal side effects – but a healthy skin microbiome.

At BeInformedSpace.com, we aim to help parents make informed choices and follow a parent hack or two to make your everyday life a little easier.

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